Fire Sprinkler Company

Fire Sprinkler Company

Fire Sprinkler System Design and Installation in New York

Did you know that the first sprinkler system was installed in 1874? While sprinkler spray pattern technology has evolved, the primary fire sprinkler design has remained unchanged. Fire sprinklers remain the most reliable and cost-effective measure to reduce or prevent loss of lives and property.

Davis-Ulmer Fire Protection is your New York-licensed fire sprinkler company. We provide design, installation, inspection, service, and repair on all new and installed fire sprinkler systems. We service the entire state of New York with convenient locations in Albany, Buffalo, Corning, Rochester, and Syracuse. Our family of companies serves customers throughout the Northeast Region of the United States.

Fire protection for Business and Commercial Residental Properties

The fire sprinklers offered by Davis-Ulmer for businesses and commercial residential complexes across New York are designed to detect smoke quickly and put out a nearby fire. Davis-Ulmer has Sprinkler systems that have been protecting properties in New York since the 1940s, and you can be confident that the fire sprinklers installed will help protect what you value most in case of a fire.

Fire sprinkler systems designed specifically for your business

Several fire sprinkler options are available for businesses throughout New York, including semi-recessed and concealed designs custom-colored to blend into the ceiling. As an experienced fire sprinkler provider, Davis-Ulmer Fire Protection only offers reputable and reliable brands, including Viking, Tyco, Victaulic, Croker, and more. Our fire sprinkler engineers can design a system to minimize water damage if a fire occurs.

We install several types of fire sprinkler systems, including:

  • Wet System Sprinklers
  • Dry System Fire Sprinklers
  • Deluge Systems
  • Pre-action Systems Sprinklers

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Installation & service for fire sprinklers

Davis-Ulmer is a full-service fire protection company, which means we design, install, test, inspect, and service your fire sprinkler systems. After your fire sprinkler system is designed, our qualified technicians will install it according to NFPA standards. We can continue to assist you after the installation by providing initial testing and ongoing inspections. We can also repair or replace your fire sprinkler system if it breaks down.

Request a no-obligation quote

Let Davis-Ulmer be the fire protection company for your property in the northeast United States. For a fire sprinkler system quote for your building in New York State, request a quote online or call the nearest location today.

Davis-Ulmer installs, inspects, and services fire sprinkler systems manufactured by:

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