FM 200 is a form of clean agent fire suppression that can be used in areas where water cannot. FM 200 is a common fire suppressant because it is fast, safe and effective.

What is FM 200?

FM 200 fire suppression is a clean agent extinguishes a fire through heat absorption. It is a heptafluoropropane. FM 200 is stored as a liquid in cylinders that are pressurized and when it’s discharged it vaporizes. After being discharged, it quickly extinguishes a fire, leaving behind no residue.

Benefits of FM 200 Suppression

There are many benefits of choosing FM 200 for fire suppression that make it a great option for many properties. Some benefits include:

  • Fast reacting
  • Leaves behind no residue
  • Does not harm sensitive equipment
  • Highly effective
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Safe for humans
  • Can be used in many applications
  • Does not require costly clean up
  • Discharges quickly
  • Accepted replacement for Halon 1301

Where Is FM 200 Used?

FM 200 fire suppression is a common choice for fire suppression in properties where water is not an option. It is used in buildings with sensitive equipment or valuable assets that could be ruined by water. Some common places FM 200 is used are data centers, telecommunications facilities, computer rooms, museums, historical archives, art galleries and record storage facilities.

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