ANSUL® INERGEN® Fire Suppression Systems

ANSUL® INERGEN® is a clean agent fire suppression system that protects enclosed areas. These systems protect assets and property that would be damaged by conventional suppression agents. INERGEN® systems use naturally occurring gases to suppress fires: nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. These gases return to the atmosphere in their naturally occurring state after discharge. When…

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What is Novec 1230 Fire Suppression?

Novec 1230™ is a fire suppression fluid manufactured by 3M. It is a clean agent fire suppressant that also can be referred to as the SAPPHIRE fire suppression system. Novec 1230™ was developed as a replacement for halon systems and an alternative to hydrofluorocarbons. Novec 1230™ fluid is a fluoroketone. How Does Novec 1230™ Work?…

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FM 200 Fire Suppression

FM 200 is a form of clean agent fire suppression that can be used in areas where water cannot. FM 200 is a common fire suppressant because it is fast, safe and effective. What is FM 200? FM 200 fire suppression is a clean agent extinguishes a fire through heat absorption. It is a heptafluoropropane.…

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What is Clean Agent Fire Suppression?

A clean agent is the use of inert gases or chemical agents to suppress a fire. Clean agents are a good choice for fire suppression because they leave no residue behind, causing little clean up and no damage to sensitive equipment or assets. Benefits of Clean Agents There are some instances where traditional fire sprinklers…

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Data Center Fire Protection

data center fire protection

A data center is an important part of businesses and organizations. Without data centers, many businesses would not be able to function properly. Having fire protection systems in place to prevent fire damage to data centers is necessary to keep companies running smoothly. What is a Data Center? A data center is a place where…

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Foam Fire Suppression for Aircraft Hangars

foam suppression aircraft hangar

Fire protection systems are necessary to protect many types of buildings, and aircraft hangars are no exception. Aircraft hangars need fire suppression, typically foam fire suppression, to protect both the hangar and the valuable equipment inside of it. Aircraft Hangars: A Unique Fire Protection Challenge Aircraft hangars pose a unique challenge from a fire protection…

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The Most Commonly Used Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems

If a fire ever breaks out inside your business or in a building you own or operate, you are going to want to have a fire suppression system in place to eliminate the risk of damage and put the fire out as quickly as possible. A fire suppression system can literally be a lifesaver in…

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Prevent Your Sprinkler System From Freezing This Winter

As the snow hits us here in Buffalo, New York, Davis Ulmer would like to remind our customers to check on the sprinkler systems in their homes and businesses to ensure that pipes are properly protected and heated from the elements. Less than two weeks ago, a sprinkler system in Plainsview, Texas burst after roofers…

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Global Fire Sprinkler Market Set to Expand

When looked at on a global scale, the fire sprinkler market has a value of $7.5 billion as recently as 2014. However, analysts predict that number will grow to $15.19 billion by 2022, a span of only eight years. What’s contributing to this predicted growth? There are quite a few reasons why this expansion makes…

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