A clean agent is the use of inert gases or chemical agents to suppress a fire. Clean agents are a good choice for fire suppression because they leave no residue behind, causing little clean up and no damage to sensitive equipment or assets.

Benefits of Clean Agents

There are some instances where traditional fire sprinklers may not be the best option for putting out a fire. In these situations, a fire suppression system that does not use water is needed. Luckily, clean agent suppression uses gases to put out a fire, either by cooling the flames or by displacing the oxygen that the fire needs to burn. The benefits of using a clean agent system include:



  • Fast discharge
  • Leave no reside, little to no clean-up after a fire
  • Less downtime, saving you money
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cause no water damage
  • Safe to use around humans

Due to their many benefits, clean agent systems are used in many applications. Some applications include telecommunications and server rooms, art galleries, document storage, data centers, and museums.

Types of Clean Agent Fire Suppression

The three most common types of clean agent fire suppression systems are:

  • FM200
  • Novec1230
  • Inergen

These systems all have the same similar benefits that clean agent systems have, but they suppress fires in different ways. The FM200 extinguishes a fire mainly through heat absorption while the Inergen and Novec 1230 systems displace oxygen to suppress the fire. FM200 and Novec1230 suppressants are stored as a liquid and become vaporized as they are discharged. The Inergen system contains inert gases such as nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide.

Install a System with Davis-Ulmer

Davis-Ulmer installs clean agent fire protection systems in facilities throughout the Northeast United States. We can help protect your sensitive assets from fire and water damage. We have experience working with many types of systems including FM200, Novec 1230, and Inergen systems. Davis-Ulmer will work with you to determine which type of suppression is right for your application and design a complete fire protection system. We provide inspections and service for all your fire protection systems. Request a quote for your fire suppression system from Davis-Ulmer today!