Amherst Safety Day

A key component of success for Davis-Ulmer is our focus on safety. Ultimately, our goal is always 0 accidents or incidents and we strive to achieve this through education and training. We believe that training is important to keeping our workers safe. For every employee at Davis-Ulmer that works in the field, we provide OSHA…

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Data Center Fire Protection

data center fire protection

A data center is an important part of businesses and organizations. Without data centers, many businesses would not be able to function properly. Having fire protection systems in place to prevent fire damage to data centers is necessary to keep companies running smoothly. What is a Data Center? A data center is a place where…

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What is Water Mist Fire Protection?

A water mist fire protection system uses fine droplets of water (mist) to suppress a fire. When a fire occurs, water is pushed through nozzles that create small water droplets. The tiny droplets of water in water mist systems displace the oxygen needed for a fire to burn and cools the flames. With more surface…

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