If you own or manage a commercial building, it is important to take care of your building’s fire sprinkler systems so you can have peace of mind that they will function properly when you need them. Inspections and testing of fire sprinkler systems are required by most jurisdictions and it can be difficult to know what the requirements are surrounding fire sprinkler inspections.

Regulations for Fire Sprinkler Testing & Inspections

The requirements and frequency of inspections and testing of fire sprinkler systems will vary depending on the type of fire sprinkler system in your building and your AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). However, most municipalities follow the standards set forth in NFPA 25. Be sure to check with your local AHJ to see if there are any additional requirements in your area.

How Often Do Fire Sprinkler Systems Need to be Tested & Inspected?

According to NFPA 25, fire sprinkler systems need to be inspected weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, and every 5 years.

  • Weekly – Inspection of control valves and gauges for pre-action, deluge, and dry sprinkler systems.
  • Monthly – Inspect gauges and alarm valves of wet pipe sprinkler systems.
  • Quarterly – Inspections of water flow alarm devices, valve alarm devices, control valves, signal devices, hydraulic nameplates, and fire department connections.
  • Annually – Pipework and fittings, hangar/seismic bracing, information signage, spare sprinklers, sprinkler heads, and backflow prevention assemblies should be inspected.
  • Every 5 Years – Internal inspection of sprinkler pipes and check for obstructions.

The frequency of testing of fire sprinkler systems in accordance with NFPA 25 is as follows:

  • Quarterly – Testing of main drain and mechanical alarm devices.
  • Semi-Annually – Test vane and pressure switch type devices.
  • Annually – Comprehensive test of fire sprinkler system should be performed. Every element of your sprinkler system should be checked.
  • Every 5 Years – Testing of fire sprinkler systems exposed to high temperatures and harsh environments. Sprinkler system gauges should be tested and/or replaced.
  • Every 10 Years – Dry sprinkler systems should be tested and/or replaced every 10 years.

Who Can Perform Fire Sprinkler Inspections?

Weekly and monthly inspections of fire sprinkler systems can be performed by in-house staff who have been properly trained on NFPA 25 regulations and local codes. All other inspections and testing should be performed by a licensed fire protection professional.

Davis-Ulmer Provides Fire Sprinkler Inspections

At Davis-Ulmer Fire Protection, we can provide inspections and testing of your fire sprinkler systems as often as needed. We can perform inspections for a wide variety of sprinkler systems in commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional facilities. Our team of trained and licensed technicians will provide comprehensive inspections so you can have peace of mind that your facility is code compliant and protected. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.