What Makes Up Life Safety Systems?

access control

8 Important Life Safety Components Life safety systems are made up of several components that are all designed to promote the safety of the occupants of a building. Having the proper life safety equipment in your building is important to protect your facility and the people in it from fires, break-ins, or other emergency situations.…

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What is a Pre-action Sprinkler System?


A pre-action sprinkler system is a combination of wet and dry pipe sprinkler systems. During normal circumstances, a pre-action sprinkler system is dry, with no water in the sprinkler pipes. When a fire is detected, the pre-action valve which holds the water back is released and water fills the sprinkler pipes. Then each sprinkler head…

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Fire Sprinkler Retrofits

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire sprinkler retrofits involve installing a fire sprinkler system in an already existing facility. If you have a facility that does not have fire protection installed, it is a good idea to consider a fire sprinkler retrofit to help protect your building’s assets and occupants. Retrofitting for Fire Code Compliance With a rise in fire…

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Inspecting Your Fire Protection System

Maintaining and inspecting your fire protection system are two of the most important things you can do right next to installing one when it comes to protecting your facility in the event of a fire.  Having inspections done on a regular basis is critical to the functionality of your system.  Having a company that is…

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Fire Sprinkler Systems for Long-Term Care Facilities

Does Your Long-Term Care Facility Have The Fire Protection It Needs? In May, there was a day dedicated to home fire sprinkler systems sponsored by NFPA Sprinkler Initiative and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.  It was a great reminder to everyone the importance of having the fire protection needed to save lives in a long-term…

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The Importance of a Fire Escape Plan

Fire Escape Plan

Most people don’t like to spend much time thinking about what might happen if a fire took place inside of their home or business. However, in the event of a fire, you should have a fire escape plan in place so that your family members or employees know exactly how to exit your home or…

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Putting Out Your Bonfires Safely

As the weather continues to get warmer and warmer, bonfire season will soon be upon us. Sure, there’s nothing like gathering around a bonfire with friends and family bundled up on a cool summer night while enjoying the outdoors, but if proper safety precautions aren’t taken, that once seemingly peaceful and innocent bonfire could turn…

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Importance of Owning a Fire Extinguisher

The large majority of people do not have fire extinguishers in their home regardless of the fact that house fires happen on a daily basis. However, owning a fire extinguisher can save your life and your property from an accidental house fire. Although a fire extinguisher might not be able to put a house fire…

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Staying Safe with Space Heaters

During the winter months, we are all desperate to stay as warm and cozy as we can. In order to stay warm in winter months, you might need something more than your standard home heating system. Many people use a variety of heating units in winter months, including space heaters. Space heaters are a convenient…

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