Fire Escape PlanMost people don’t like to spend much time thinking about what might happen if a fire took place inside of their home or business. However, in the event of a fire, you should have a fire escape plan in place so that your family members or employees know exactly how to exit your home or business safely. It could end up saving their lives, and it could help firefighters to put out a fire more quickly, since they won’t have to worry about rescuing anyone from a burning building when they arrive.

The Importance of Having a Fire Escape Plan

Your fire escape plan should be comprehensive and include several different things. First, you should let all of your family members or employees know of at least two ways to get out of your home or building. If one way is blocked, they should have an alternative route in mind. Your fire escape plan should also include a meeting place outside where you or a supervisor can take attendance and ensure that everyone has made it out of your home or building.

Additionally, your fire escape plan should include some tips and techniques for dealing with a fire in your home or business. Family members or employees should know about the stop, drop, and roll method of dealing with a fire, and they should be updated on where fire alarms and fire sprinklers are located.

Practice Your Fire Escape Plan

While coming up with a fire escape plan is essential, practicing a fire escape with your family members or employees is just as important. They need to be able to escape from your home or building quickly in the event of a fire, so you should practice doing it several times throughout the course of the year. Ideally, you should practice by surprising them with a fire drill, and then you should talk to them about anything they could have done better while exiting your home or building. This information will pay off in the long run if a real fire ever affects them.

Davis Ulmer Fire Protection encourages all home and business owners to put fire escape plans into place. We also encourage them to consider installing fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and other tools that can be used to reduce the impact of a fire. If you would like to find out more about the services we can offer to you, contact us today. Davis-Ulmer is the Northeast’s leading full-service fire protection company for over 70 years.