Fire sprinkler installation

Does Your Long-Term Care Facility Have The Fire Protection It Needs?

In May, there was a day dedicated to home fire sprinkler systems sponsored by NFPA Sprinkler Initiative and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.  It was a great reminder to everyone the importance of having the fire protection needed to save lives in a long-term care facility.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS) have already required all nursing homes that receive Medicare and Medicaid payments to have sprinkler systems installed by the year 2013.  There are also regulations that stipulate that a long-term care facility that is remodeling may have to install a sprinkler system in the remodel area.  It may be coming someday that all facilities that provide long-term care to seniors will be required to have a sprinkler system installed or retrofitted.

Retrofitting A Fire Sprinkler System Into Your Facility

Retrofitting your facility can be a challenge for all parties involved.  First is the disruption it will cause your staff and residents.  Second would be the cost involved.  Third is maintaining the system so it will work when you need it to.  Working with an experienced company is a must when it comes to installing a sprinkler system.  Whether it be in new construction or retrofitting your current facility, it is important that the company you work with has the proper knowledge and certifications to do the job correctly and efficiently the first time.  They should also be able to work with you to make sure you know what the capabilities of the system are and what it will take to properly maintain the system.  They should have an emergency response team that will be able to react to any issue that will come up with your sprinkler system as well.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Give You Valuable Time

According to a report done by the Government Accountability Office, they estimated that an automatic sprinkler system can decrease fire deaths by around 82%.  A fire sprinkler system can help give you precious seconds and even minutes to help get your residents to safety in the event that a fire has started in your facility.  This is important when thinking of the elderly as they might need more help or time getting to safety.  Also having a fire alarm system that is monitored is another great way to get help moving towards your facility as quickly as possible.

At Davis-Ulmer Sprinkler Company, we have been on the front lines of fire protection in the North East since 1946.  We have been designing, installing, and servicing sprinkler systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental facilities for over 70 years.  We are a full-service fire protection company that you can count on to get the job done right as efficiently as possible.  The company’s mission statement speaks for these values: “Be the leading single source fire protection company in the Northeast by providing quality products and services at fair and equitable rates.”  Our emergency response team is only a phone call away 24/7 and will do whatever it takes to ensure your system is working properly again so it will be as effective as first designed to do.  Contact us today to find out how we can help your long-term care facility get the fire protection it needs to help ensure the safety of your residents and staff.