Maintaining and inspecting your fire protection system are two of the most important things you can do right next to installing one when it comes to protecting your facility in the event of a fire.  Having inspections done on a regular basis is critical to the functionality of your system.  Having a company that is familiar with many types of systems from fire sprinkler systems to fire suppression systems to fire detection systems is also a must.  They have to be able to work with you to maintain your trust that your system will work as well as it was designed to from the beginning.

Inspections are done in a variety of ways.  Different systems require different inspection frequencies for any type of fire protection system you have whether it be a kitchen hood fire suppression system, fire sprinkler system, or fire suppression system for a special hazard.  This is very important because there are many factors into why these systems can fail.  Grease build up, dust, corrosion of your pipes or sprinkler heads, the age of the system, and or damage could lead to your fire protection system to not work as designed.  These inspections can be done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and or annually.  Most fire codes require some type of frequency for inspections so staying up-to-date on these in highly important.

Having a company that has a 24/7 emergency response team available is also critical in the case of damage to the system or some other type of disaster that requires professional help immediately.  These types of things happen to systems over their lifetime so having a company ready to assist you in maintaining your investment in both your employees, customers, residents, and facility is highly important.

At Davis-Ulmer Sprinkler Company, we have been providing full-service fire protection services for the Northeast since 1946.  Our highly skilled and trained team is ready to help you ensure the integrity of your fire protection systems.  Over time, moving parts wear, screens get plugged, and batteries fail, having us by your side will help avoid these types of issues by being proactive with your inspections and maintenance.  With offices in New York, northern Pennsylvania, and New England, our 24/7 emergency response team can get to even the most remote locations in the Northeast.  Contact us today to set up your maintenance and inspection schedule or give us a call at 716-691-3200