The large majority of people do not have fire extinguishers in their home regardless of the fact that house fires happen on a daily basis.

However, owning a fire extinguisher can save your life and your property from an accidental house fire.

Although a fire extinguisher might not be able to put a house fire out but it can at least control the flames enough to give you time to get out. Household fire extinguishers are typically classified as an A, B, C, or a combination of the three letters. They are labeled to indicate what type of fire they are meant to put out such as ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids, or electrical.

However, many fire extinguishers are a combination and will put out multiple kinds of fires.

The size of a fire extinguisher matters. A bigger fire extinguisher is going to be capable of putting out a larger fire. However, large fire extinguishers can be heavy, making them difficult for many people to lift and use. If you are going to purchase a fire extinguisher for your home, it’s important to have one that you’re able to maneuver.

A 5-pound fire extinguisher works well in a kitchen where you’ll likely notice the fire immediately. However, a 10-pound extinguisher is best for a garage or workshop where the fire might become large before becoming noticeable.

The National Fire Protection Association does suggest having a fire extinguisher on every floor of your home.

Many people don’t have a fire extinguisher because they aren’t sure how to operate one, therefore, they can’t justify owning it. However, fire extinguishers come equipped with detailed instructions no how to operate them. You can also typically find instructional videos online or you can give your local fire department a call with questions you might have.

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