An Inergen Fire Suppression system is a type of non-synthetic clean agent system that contains a mixture of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and argon. Upon activation, this agent is released into the room, mixes with the air, and extinguishes all flames present. This clean agent doesn’t leave residue or corrosive by-products, protecting all property and assets from damage. 

This type of suppression is generally used in an enclosed area such as; data rooms, offices, laboratories, and warehouse storage. The gaseous mixture is safe to be released if the area is occupied, making it safe for many applications! If the area has limited space, the Inergen gas can be stored remotely to save space. 

The Inergen agent will be discharged in the event of a fire to extinguish flames and then release into the atmosphere in its natural state, causing no harm to the environment. This gives the system longevity as it mitigates the concern of legislative action against more harmful chemical substances that could cause ozone depletion. 

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