A data center is an important part of businesses and organizations. Without data centers, many businesses would not be able to function properly. Having fire protection systems in place to prevent fire damage to data centers is necessary to keep companies running smoothly.

What is a Data Center?

A data center is a place where a network of computer systems and components are housed. Data centers store, process, and distribute large amounts of data. Many business activities are reliant on information that is received from data centers and any downtime caused by a fire can cause detriment to a business.

data center fire protection

Gaseous Fire Suppression

Due to the importance of data centers in day-to-day operations of many organizations, a fire protection system must be installed in these facilities. In many data centers, a gaseous fire suppression system is preferred over traditional sprinkler systems. Traditional sprinkler systems use water to put out fires. In some cases, water can cause irreparable damage to the equipment in data centers, causing as much damage as a fire itself.

Gaseous fire suppressants are often used in data centers because they do not cause water damage and can put out a fire with little to no downtime for data centers. There are many different types of fire suppressions that can be used including:

  • FM 200: A clean, colorless fire suppressant agent that leaves behind no residue and acts quickly in the event of a fire.
  • Novec 1230: A clean agent fire suppressant that leaves behind no residue and is electrically non-conductive.
  • Inergen: Uses a mixture of nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide to put out fires quickly.

There are many options for fire suppression systems in data centers. If you are unsure which system is right for your application, reach out to a fire protection professional and ask for their advice. You should install a system that will limit damage to your facility, protect the lives of employees, and comply with regulations. Your fire protection system should comply with NFPA 75, the Standard for the Fire Protection of Information Technology.

Fire Protection from Davis-Ulmer

Need a clean agent fire suppression system for your data center? Davis-Ulmer can help you to determine which fire protection system will provide the most protection for your facility. We understand how important your computers and data are to your organization which is why we can design a system that will help prevent fire damage to your important assets. We can install a variety of gaseous fire suppression systems including FM200, CO2, Inergen, and Novec 1230. Davis-Ulmer can also service your fire protection system by providing inspections, testing, and repairs. If you are interested in learning more about fire suppression systems from Davis-Ulmer, contact us today.