A water mist fire protection system uses fine droplets of water (mist) to suppress a fire. When a fire occurs, water is pushed through nozzles that create small water droplets. The tiny droplets of water in water mist systems displace the oxygen needed for a fire to burn and cools the flames. With more surface area of water in smaller droplets, more water evaporates and turns to steam. This steam absorbs heat and suffocates the fire.

NFPA 750

The Standard on Water Mist Fire Protection Systems is NFPA 750. NFPA 750 describes design, installation, maintenance, and testing requirements for water mist fire protection systems. The NFPA also specifies the applications that would benefit from having water mist systems. If you need a water mist system for your building, you should make sure that is designed and installed in accordance with NFPA 750.

Advantages of Water Mist

Water mist systems offer many advantages over other forms of fire protection. Water mist activates immediately and is highly efficient at putting out fires. The amount of water damage from water mist systems is a lot less than traditional fire sprinkler systems making it an option in areas where traditional sprinklers may not be able to be used. Water mist systems also do not cause harm to the environment like some chemical fire suppressants. It safe to use in areas where people are present because it is not toxic like some other fire suppressants. Additionally, water mist systems can have a cost advantage over other forms of fire suppression. These systems are effective on a wide variety of fires and hazards making them an option for many applications.

Water Mist Systems from Davis-Ulmer

If you need a water mist fire protection system, Davis-Ulmer designs and installs water mist systems for buildings in NY, CT, PA, NH, MA and NJ. We can design, install, inspect, test, and repair your system to keep it running smoothly. We can provide you with innovative solutions to your fire protection needs. If you are interested in our water mist suppression systems, request a quote online today.