bannerExtreme weather events can create plenty of issues that homeowners have to deal with. Electrical outages in particular can cause some problems with home security systems that may go undetected until the system fails in an emergency. Here at Davis-Ulmer Sprinkler Co. Inc., we wanted to share some tips that can keep your fire alarm panel working to protect you and your family.


This summer, we’ve seen many customers who experienced failure in their fire alarm panels because of lightning strikes. Electrical surges can are a common culprit in cases of fire alarm system failure, such as the surge caused by the lightning strike that caused a fire system to fail at a New Hampshire beauty school, as this article published by reports.

Firefighters did have to be called to respond to the event as electrical damage caused by the strike created smoke and damaged cables within the electrical system of the Empire Beauty School in Portsmouth. No actual blaze started, however.


Many home and building owners think that a lightning rod is enough to keep a home protected from most damage caused by a lightning strike. Lightning protection systems, however, are required to direct the electrical energy to the ground safely. As this frequently asked questions page published by the National Weather Service explains, lightning protection systems do not prevent lightning but they can help reduce the damage a building experiences from a lightning strike.

Davis-Ulmer Sprinkler Co. Inc. has the inventory and installation skills necessary to keep your property safe in various ways. Along with our fire alarm systems, we also offer fire suppression and sprinkler systems that will respond to a fire in seconds. When seconds count, we can help you prevent most fire damage that a blaze can cause. And remember to check your fire alarm system for any damage after an electrical outage or extreme weather events.

Davis-Ulmer Sprinkler Company is a full-service fire protection company that serves the Northeast region of the United States.  Our NICET certified technicians will work with you to get you the fire protection equipment you need.  We also help maintain and service the equipment to keep it working the way it was designed to.  Contact us today for more information.