October is National Fire Prevention Month and many fire companies educated their local communities on fire safety throughout the month. It is great to see people making fire safety a focus in their communities and fire companies in Illinois focused specifically on sprinkler systems.

Various fire departments in Northern Illinois educated the public on fire safety and fire prevention in a unique way this October. Fire companies in Northern Illinois actually set controlled fires as demonstrations so the public could understand the benefits of fire sprinklers.

Sprinkled Rooms vs. Non-Sprinkled Rooms

The fires were set outside in two staged rooms that were totally furnished like a living room. One of the rooms had sprinklers installed and the other room did not. People were able to feel the level of heat coming from the room and how quickly it spread in the room without the fire sprinklers installed. They were able to see how quickly the room with the sprinklers controlled and cooled the fire where the other room quickly got out of control.

fire prevention month

Fire Protection Systems Save Lives

The demonstrations were made possible with the help of the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board, a nonprofit organization that focuses on the proven performance of fire sprinklers. They helped local fire companies host a variety of fire and sprinkler demonstrations throughout the month of October. They plan to assist with a total of 53 demonstrations in 2016, driving attention to the important of sprinkler systems and the roles they play in fire safety.

These demonstrations gave the local fire departments a chance to talk to the public about preventing fires, the benefits of smoke alarms, the advantages of sprinkler systems, and fire evacuation methods.

In Illinois, one hundred communities actually require fire sprinklers in new homes that are being built. Illinois has made fire safety a focus in their communities and have established the benefits of sprinkler systems in not just businesses, but homes as well.  If you’re looking to install sprinkler systems in your business or your home, contact Davis-Ulmer Fire Protection Systems, we can help. We are your full-service fire protection company and work with customers in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New York.