Higher Fire Deaths Show Need for SprinklersFires aren’t exactly flooding the streets of Massachusetts, but that doesn’t mean 50 deaths from residential fires in just Massachusetts alone this year isn’t being paid attention to. Among them were plenty of young and disabled or simply couldn’t escape the fires, and it’s because of the highest number of fire deaths in Massachusetts occurring that the state is realizing it needs to do something about fires.


Most homes are fitted with smoke alarms these days, but even these devices are nothing when it comes to actually giving residents the time to escape from an already raging fire. This is why sprinkler systems exist, and why Massachusetts is finally looking at changing some of their laws so that multi-room and large family homes need to have sprinklers installed.


This would be one of the first major pushes for residential homes to have sprinklers installed, and result in quite a change for many family homes, especially the initial costs that would need to be put worth for the installation of the sprinklers. Of course, it is only a question being proposed to the Board of Building Regulations and Standards. In fact, it had recently been removed from the new building requirements in Massachusetts, to have sprinklers installed in buildings such as apartments and large homes.

Maybe with the rise of fire deaths though, the Board of Building Regulations might just realize how important those sprinklers can be, and make a new decision. For now, 50 deaths in a year for a single state is a reasonable amount of deaths to these people. Hopefully that will change.

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