house fireFrom lower energy bills to tax rebates and cleaner air, there are many benefits to building a green home. This being said, there is one major safety concern to living in a home that uses optimum value engineering: these homes burn much more quickly than older buildings.

What is optimum value engineering?

You are probably wondering what the term optimum value engineering refers to. Often shortened to OVE, optimum value engineering is an advanced framing technique used to build a home to meet structural requirements without wasting any extra materials. While this will benefit the environment, it means that there will be less wood to hold your home together should a fire start.

Newly constructed homes vs. Older constructed homes

The lumber being used to build all new homes has risks as well. While houses used to be built out of solid wood beams, they are now being built from oriented strand board, or OSB. These boards are preventing the cutting down of many trees, but they go up in flames much more quickly. Eight times more quickly according to a test performed by the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.

What can you do to make your home as safe as possible?

With new and green homes being built every day, you may be wondering how we can make them safer. Davis Ulmer and Treehugger both have the same recommendation: Installing sprinkler systems. A sprinkler system can suppress a home fire before it spreads, giving your family the time you need to get out and call 911.

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