sprinkler2We’ve talked several times about the importance of having fire sprinkler systems in not only commercial buildings, but residential properties as well. We’re happy to see that many areas of the country seem to be getting the message, although things are not changing as quickly as we would like. The main reason that people aren’t rushing out and installing sprinklers in their homes is simply that it is not an idea they are used to. Once it becomes commonplace in several states, the rest will follow. Today, we’re going to look at some updates on this issue in regards to New Jersey.


Last month the New Jersey Senate passed a law called the New Home Fire Safety Act. If this law goes into effect, it would require all future one and two family homes to have a fire sprinkler installed during the construction process. While this wouldn’t change anything for existing properties in the state, it would be a huge step forward going into the future.


Advocates for fire safety have been very supportive of the bill, but there are still some homeowners and builders in the state that are apprehensive to the idea.  Some of the concerns that they’ve brought up, like potential flooding and false alarms, are not really an issue. Research shows that only good can come from having sprinklers in homes, and homes that have them are much safer from fire than any property without.

We hope to see this bill get passed through the New Jersey government, and we look forward to seeing similar laws put into place around the country. Keep checking back with us for more updates on this issue!

Source: http://www.nj.com/opinion/index.ssf/2015/04/letter_fire_sprinklers_in_new_construction_will_sa.html

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