sprinkler2Every year countless calls are placed to emergency service providers around the country, many of which concern either residential or commercial building fires. Just recently, a spokesperson for the National Fire Protection Association noted that the amount of calls placed each year is slowly, but steadily declining. While there are still thousands of fires in this country alone every year, there are a few factors that are reducing these incidents, including fire sprinklers.

Even if a fire sprinkler system is installed in a home or a business, a call will still need to be placed to emergency services. In some cases, sprinklers are so effective that they can completely put out a fire before it spreads however. And while fire sprinklers are a factor to consider in this drop in calls, there are also other reasons behind it.


Increased awareness and education could be one of these. Now more than ever people are aware of how to avoid and prevent fires from ever starting, and most public buildings have stricter fire safety codes than they did decades ago.

Buildings are also being made with better materials that are less flammable. Combine that with more smoke alarms and fire sprinkler systems, and you can see why things are looking good for the future. Unfortunately, people are still getting injured and even killed by fires on a daily basis, and only more awareness of fire safety protocols and additional fire sprinkler prevention systems can correct that.

One day we hope to see a fire sprinkler system installed in every building, and we’re optimistic about the future based on the direction things are moving.

Source: http://www.nwherald.com/2015/04/19/safer-homes/adwi9ac/

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