34238235_SAs we move into the coldest parts of winter throughout many areas of the country, we’d like to take some time to talk about fire sprinkler freeze-ups and how to prevent them. In certain situations, a properly working sprinkler system can be the difference between massive property damage and even loss of life during a fire. However, if your sprinkler system isn’t working because water has frozen in the pipes, it is virtually useless. Take advantage of the following tips to prevent your sprinkler system from freezing.


Making sure the water pressure is at a normal level can go a long way towards ensuring your sprinkler system is in great shape. On days and nights where the temperature is particularly low, you should check the water pressure at least once every 24 hours. Similarly, you should be draining any water that has built up in auxiliary drains as often as possible.


Another way to prevent freezing altogether is to install more insulation in your pipes. This is especially useful if your system is located in a place that doesn’t typically receive a lot of heat. The more insulation your system has, the less likely the temperature of the water will be able to drop.


Finally, you may even want to install a water flow alarm in your system. This will let you know any time that water is flowing into the system, and alert you when the temperature is low enough that the water could freeze.

Follow this guide and you should encounter no problems even during the coldest days of the year. In the event your sprinkler system has frozen, contact us immediately and we can take care of the issue!

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