We’re always looking for real world examples of sprinkler systems saving lives and property, and fortunately the numbers of stories like this seem to be increasing across the country. With more sprinkler systems being installed in houses and apartment buildings, residential properties are starting to benefit from the same protection most commercial establishments have had for years. Another example of this happened recently in Johnson City, Tennessee.

A small cooking fire in the middle of the night was quickly extinguished in an apartment building once the unit’s sprinkler system kicked in. What could have grown into a large fire that may have easily moved beyond a single apartment was easily contained. Firefighters arrived shortly on the scene only to find that the fire had already been put out and no one was injured.

The fire did manage to go on long enough that smoke had traveled to several other units in the building. Fortunately, the fire itself was not able to spread due to the sprinkler system. While smoke can be a hazard, the firefighters were quickly able to remove it from the building, and the containment of the fire meant no injuries were suffered. There was also minimal damage to the apartment.


This is just another example of a fire sprinkler system saving a building, and more importantly, lives. We hope to hear about more of these stories across the country as people continue to advocate for sprinkler systems in residential properties. Of course, the majority of homes still do not have sprinkler systems in them, but we hope that stories like this contribute to a large wake up call that will save lives.

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