While the word is spreading about the importance of having fire sprinklers in every build, there is still not enough being done to remedy the problem. Fortunately, we’re seeing a new push from some of the highest levels of government, including the in the House of Representatives in Washington D.C. Just recently, several representatives from Maine, Delaware, New York, and other states came together to introduce H.R. 3591, otherwise known as the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act.

Overall, the FSIA is a bill that is designed to make the prospect of installing fire sprinklers more appealing to building owners. It achieves this by doing a few things, including offering tax incentives. In addition, building owners are currently required to depreciate sprinkler retrofits over an almost 40-year period. This bill would reduce that period of time to 15 years, allowing owners to take advantage of tax advantages in a far less amount of time.

While this bill was recently reintroduced, this is not the first time a version of the FSIA has been brought to members of congress. It actually originates in 2004, and was spurred by several deaths in a Rhode Island nightclub. It has been reintroduced several times because of a few issues regarding how much the bill would cost to implement, but the bill’s supporters believe those concerns have been resolved with the latest version.

Whether or not the FSIA makes it beyond the House floor remains to be seen, but we’re glad that there are members of the government at all levels working on related projects to enhance building safety.

Source: hhttps://www.firefighternation.com/

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