Throughout these blog posts, we have done our best to educate you the reader and the public as a whole on the benefits and necessity of fire sprinklers. We have discussed fire codes, how the seasons affect that need, and how buildings, large and small, absolutely need fire sprinklers nowadays. Every so often we come across a news story that puts a smile on our faces, such as the case with the a news story we came across regarding fire sprinklers and Nantucket, as reported in the Cape Cod Times.

Mary Ann Bragg writes, “A construction debris fire this morning at the town landfill was slowed by a new sprinkler system, Nantucket Fire Chief Mark McDougal said. “Having a system that activated right away saved us a lot of time and effort,” McDougal said.”

Outdoor Fire Protection

While you may not think of fire sprinklers as having an impact on outdoor fires, they absolutely do. Just look at Nantucket. In the past, the landfill has been peppered with fires, as landfills are apt to do. The difference this time around was that a fire sprinkler system was installed, which cut down suppression time by a whole lot. Usually these fires would take hours and, in some cases, even days. Needless to say, fire sprinklers save time, energy, and money – and the cherry on the top? No one was injured!

While the cause of the fire has not been determined, area residents can rest assure that no fire will get out of control. Firefighters can rest easy too; they have backup!

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