19936257_S(1)The Fourth of July weekend has come and gone, and at Davis Ulmer, we hope you had a safe and happy weekend, hanging out with close friends and family. While it’s nice to let loose and celebrate around the holidays, it is prudent that you maintain a level of safety so no one gets hurt. We see this around holidays like the Fourth of July, people getting carried away with good times, but ignoring the possible dangers of fires. No better do we see this in hot, dry areas of the country, like areas out west.

In Yakima, WA, for instance, firefighters and fire officials did everything they can to prevent such tragedies from happening – and some of those tragedies are accidents, even naturally occurring in certain instances, but still fire officials must remain vigilant and impart restrictions. According to Yakima fire officials, “We have a number of fires in houses, roof fires, fires in shrubs, things of that nature that are totally unintentional and accidental and people don’t mean for them to happen but they do end up happening.”


In the end, we want you to celebrate and have a good time, but you have to be aware of conditions unique to your own neighborhood, whether it is the weather or other conditions. Remember that fires are unique too, and certain areas in the country are different from others. While planning a party or before you start celebrating, be sure to consult local fire officials if you plan to have a fire, no matter how large or small.

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