More people than ever before are realizing the importance and effectiveness of sprinkler systems when it comes to putting out fires. We’ve seen evidence to suggest that more commercial and residential properties are being outfitted with sprinkler systems than they have in the past, and a new market study confirms this. The report, “Fire Sprinkler Market by Type, Service, Component, Application, and Geography – Forecast to 2020,” was published by Markets and Markets. Currently, the fire sprinkler market is worth $6.47 billion globally. According to this report, that number will grow to $11.04 in in the five years.

While this report looks at the global market, it notes that North America is currently the biggest market when it comes to fire sprinklers. The North American market is also the one that is expected to have the most growth in the next several years. In addition, several European countries like Spain and Germany are also projected to have a lot of growth.


But what are some of the factors contributing to this huge growth in the fire sprinkler market? For one thing, new safety reports are ensuring that more building owners and managers than ever before are taking the necessary steps to protect their properties and the people who inhabit them from fires. There have been increased educational efforts across the country as well to teach people about the importance of having a fire sprinkler system installed in their homes.

We’re glad to see that the fire sprinkler market is rapidly expanding, because that can only mean that more people than ever before will be living and working in buildings that are protected against fires.

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