We’re always on the lookout for stories that show just how effective sprinkler systems can be at fighting fires. And while plenty of commercial and government buildings around the country are already equipped with fire sprinklers, the same can’t be said for most residential properties. We hope that changes in the near future, because houses and apartments with sprinkler systems are much safer than those without. Just take the following example of an apartment in Battle Ground, Washington.

Earlier this month, a fire broke out in a small apartment, with evidence suggesting it started because the oven had been left on. As soon as the fire started, the sprinkler system kicked into effect, ensuring that there was minimal fire damage contained to the area where it started. Firefighters arrived on the scene shortly after and found that the sprinkler system had already taken care of the job for them. Fortunately no one was home at the time, but the fire could have quickly spread, consuming the apartment and even posing a threat to the entire building.


This is just one of the many examples that show just how useful fire sprinkler systems can be in any type of building. While there are many organizations and efforts across the country fighting to get sprinkler systems into more buildings, we hope a change happens more quickly.

Have you heard about any similar stories where a fire sprinkler was able to put out a residential fire? Let us know, and make sure you keep checking back for more news and updates from the Davis Ulmer team!

Source: http://www.columbian.com/news/2015/jun/16/sprinkler-apartment-fire-battle-ground/

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