If you are considering replacing an existing fire alarm system or installing an alarm system in a newly constructed building, it is important to understand which system is right for your application. There are two main types of alarm systems: conventional and addressable.

conventional vs. addressable alarms

Conventional Fire Alarms

A conventional fire alarm system works well in smaller facilities. The system and its components are wired to the same cable that connects to a fire alarm control panel. Conventional alarms will detect a fire and tell you the zone or area where a fire is located on the control panel, but it will not tell you the exact location of the fire.

Addressable Fire Alarms

Addressable fire alarm systems work well in larger buildings or campuses. An addressable system has components that have individual unique identifiers. When a fire is detected by a component, the fire alarm panel will display the location of the fire on the fire alarm control panel. Addressable fire alarms make it easy to quickly pinpoint where the fire is located.

Which System is Right for You?

If you are unsure if your building needs an addressable of conventional fire alarm you need to consider how important it is to be able to quickly pinpoint where the fire was detected. If you have a large expansive facility, you will want to know exactly where the alarm went off to be able to protect your property and the lives of the people in it so addressable fire alarms might be the right choice.

However, if you have a small building, having conventional alarms will work well for you. It is not as important to know the exact location of the fire in a smaller building because you will likely be able to locate it quickly on your own. Conventional fire alarms are much less expensive and do not require as much labor to install.

Davis-Ulmer Installs Fire Alarms

At Davis Ulmer Fire Protection, we can design and install fire alarms for your facility. We have experience installing both conventional and addressable systems and we can help you figure out which system is right for your application. We use high quality manufacturers for our alarm systems including Siemens, Fike, Vesda, SigniFire, and more. Our fire alarm team is trained in working with commercial, industrial, retail, and residential applications. Davis-Ulmer can perform inspections, testing, and service of your fire alarm system after installation to keep it running smoothly. We install and service our systems according to local fire code, NFPA standards, and insurance requirements. If you are looking to install fire alarm system in NY, CT, PA, NH, MA, or NJ, Davis-Ulmer has you covered. Contact us to learn more about the fire alarm systems we provide.