home fire sprinklerConsidering installing a fire sprinkler system in your new or existing home? Fire sprinkler systems can help save lives and protect your property from a fire. There are many reasons why sprinkler systems are beneficial to have in your home. Some of these reasons include:

1. Fire Sprinklers Save Lives

According to the NFPA, the civilian death rate was 81% lower in homes with fire sprinklers than in homes that were not sprinklered. Also, the firefighter injury rate was 80% lower in fires that had fire sprinklers present. Having a sprinkler system in your home could save the lives of your loved ones if a fire occurs.

2. Fire Sprinklers Buy Critical Time

According to the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, a fire in your home could become deadly in 3 minutes or less. That is not a lot of time for you to make sure you and your family can get out of the house safely. However, when you have fire sprinklers, the fire is detected, and sprinklers are activated in 1.5 minutes or less. Fire sprinklers can control the fire and prevent it from becoming deadly, giving you valuable time to get out of your home safely.

3. Sprinklers Save Money in the Long Run

Although sprinkler systems may seem expensive, they will save you money in the long run. When you have fire sprinkler systems in your home you may be able to receive a discount on your insurance premium. Also, if a fire does occur, it can reduce the cost of damage that is done to your home.

4. Fire Sprinkler Systems are Good for the Environment

Sprinkler systems use significantly less water to put out a fire than the fire department. According to the NFPA, sprinkler systems can reduce the water usage required to fight a fire by up to 90%. When sprinklers are present, they can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of a burning building by up to 98%.

Install a Home Sprinkler System with Davis-Ulmer

Davis-Ulmer can design and install a fire sprinkler system for your home in the New York and New Jersey areas. Our sprinkler systems are designed to quickly detect and react to a fire. We have several options for fire sprinkler systems including semi-recessed and concealed designs to maintain the aesthetic of your home. We install systems from reputable sprinkler brands such as Viking, Tyco, Victaulic, Croker, and more.

If you are interested in having a sprinkler system installed in your home, contact Davis-Ulmer today!