banner3If there is any more proof needed about how crucial sprinklers are for apartments and buildings in general you can look no further than the Americana Apartments that went up in flames in Las Vegas, Nevada this past week. The apartments had caught fire and burned down entirely within a single hour, and during that time people rushed to escape the fires.


Of course a new fire isn’t anything that could be considered pressing news, even if it is into the colder fall season already. The key was not that a fire burnt down the homes of over 50 people in less time that it would take to watch a movie. It’s that this fire burned down homes so quickly because there were no sprinklers systems, or any fire suppression system installed in these homes. This is a common occurrence all across the United States for people staying in apartments, particularly the apartments that have been around for years and years, which happen to be the majority of them.

The inspections of these apartments would normally cover that except that most inspection places will pass apartments that are old because it would cost the owners too much to install sprinklers in the buildings. And what is considered an old apartment? Well any apartment that wasn’t already built with sprinklers is too old to have new ones installed. And this means more apartments go up in flames, sometimes before the people can even get out of the home.

This is what happened for some of the people in the Americana Apartments. And it just goes to show that, as much as we might need suppression systems. They still cost too much for many building owners to afford. But when all you needed to do was have a sprinkler installed to save lives, isn’t it worth it?

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