banner3Here at Davis-Ulmer Sprinkler Co. Inc., we find it discouraging to learn about fire sprinkler systems faced with so many decades of wear and decay that they can no longer do a good job of protecting inhabitants of a building during a fire emergency. Even worse is when an organization refuses to pay the cost of upgrading these systems, as if the cost of risking the loss of life was somehow less expensive.

Look at this article published by CBS 12 News to get an idea of what we mean. In it, reports indicate that a number of schools throughout the community of West Palm Beach, FL, are neglecting rust and decay which have been able to plague sprinkler systems.


In all, ten different schools within the community are showing signs of wear and tear in their fire sprinkler systems. This total includes four high schools and five elementary schools, which serve the youngest children in a community. The school district reports that the sprinkler systems are working fine, but the news station reporting the story has found that the district has neglected to make needed repairs according to documentation obtained by the station’s news broadcast team.

With kids all over the country heading back to school, no parent wants to hear that the place where their children will spend their days may not be safe for them. Schools owe it to the parents of their students to make sure that all emergency response systems are working at their best at all times.

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